Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Decor

I am always on top of my game when it comes to Fall and Winter/Christmas decor. I have a few boxes of decorations that I've collected over the years to put a little anticipation in the air and make things feel festive around here. But for some reason, when it comes to Summer, I always fall short. I want to have a fun festive home and really set the mood for the season but it never happens... until now! The problem was, I just didn't have anything to decorate with and the only way to change that is to start building up a collection of things TO decorate with. So that is what I am doing.
I started off with the fun flags that are all over the stores for about $1 a piece. Stick those in a vase that I wrapped in rope holding a faux olive branch- instant summer, in my opinion. 
Add in a fun handmade patriotic banner and things really start to come along!
I love the red white and blue...
The texture created by layering paper doilies and circles and stars on top of medallions...
Those tiny little mini clothes pins are the cutest ever...
Strung across our rustic red hutch in our dining room- I'm in love!
 And lanterns... what is it about lanterns that scream summer? Really, they work year around. They are awesome like that. Find a spot for 'em and leave them up all year round! This one came from Ikea. My little 4 year old boy wanted to pick something out for Father's Day and this is what he picked. Good Choice! I may have pointed him in the right direction.
And last I leave you with this little collection on top of our green hutch by our front door. We've had it for a year now and I'm still trying to find the right goodies to fill it up with. Currently, this is what is on top of it. The lantern is from a Christmas market in Germany (a gift), the house painting from here and the Jesus holding a child statue (my favorite) was a gift and the City sign in front of the house came from LL Bean.

Not a bad start to a well put together Summer home if you ask me!

Happy Weekend!

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