Thursday, November 22, 2012

Braided Crust Inspiration: Apple Pie

We signed up for the apple pie this year. I love making apple pies. They are such a pretty pie with the way the top crust hugs those chunks of apples underneath. After trying my hand at the braided crust on a pumpkin pie last week, I knew I wanted to do the same on our apple pie.

Once again, I love how it looks. I love that it is completely different from the standard crimped pie crust. Can't wait to cut into it after the big dinner!
Have a VERY blessed Thanksgiving with the ones you love!!


  1. Looks so pretty. I'm sure it tasted amazing!

    1. Thanks! It did taste amazing, if I may say so myself:)

  2. I was inspired by your fancy crusts and tried something new this year too! I tackled my first attempt at a lattice top- it was so fun to do!!