Monday, November 26, 2012

Giving Thanks

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with family (and friends?). We headed out to the country to my parent's house this year. I love being in the country. We are determined to have our own spot in the country one of these days. There is something relaxing about looking out the window seeing trees and rocks and land instead of seeing your neighbors house, cars, sidewalks and streets like you see in the city.

Thanksgiving morning we headed over as early as we could get all 7 of us fed, bathed and dressed. Once we got there (a short hour drive) it was a day of running around and playing for the kiddies and cooking and visiting for the adults. 
My mom set a beautiful table. Notice the chalkboard place setting tags? They are from my shop and exactly how I pictured them looking at a table! I had many many orders for them right before Thanksgiving to do the very same thing with. If only I were a fly on the wall of all of those dining rooms to see the beautifully set tables!
We enjoyed great food and great wine. I made these little maple leaf wine glass charms as a prototype for my shop. They worked beautifully and passed the test. (Gotta love job research right? ha!)

You can find them here. I'll be adding other shapes very shortly. Check back soon to see those. I'll post something once my full line of charms are listed :)
This picture makes me laugh now. Most people take a picture of a pie or the turkey. Me? The dinner rolls. ha! After we ate the turkey we realized no one ever took a picture. It was a beautifully golden 20 lb turkey; perfectly brined in a lemon infused salt and sugar bath and cooked to perfection. The gravy from the drippings were to die for. I could cook a whole 'nother (nother isn't a word is it? In the south it is. "whole nother" meaning a second. Now ya know!) turkey just to have more gravy! 

After dinner, headed out for a beautiful nature walk, as the kids were calling it.
First stop was at my dad's really old tractor for a family picture. (The kids LOVE tractor rides!)
 Then on to the nature walk.
This little cutie cracked me up trying to cross the cattle guard. I bet that is how a cow feels, too!
Cowgirl boots, denim, rustic fencing and a cattle guard- IN LOVE.
Boy's best friend. They walked side by side. The cutest!
Another pause to watch the deer feeder spray corn. 
Best Friends. Even though they won't admit it!
Nothing cuter than a little boy on his Papa's back. He had just slipped on the rocks and was a little too upset to walk.

And today, we are back in full swing with life and school. Three more weeks and we are off for our Christmas break! I love this time of the year. Soon our Jesse Tree will go up and other Christmas decorations will start to make their appearance. 

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  1. Awwww . . . what a beautiful day! LOVED seeing a pic of your adorable family! Your parents home seems so cozy and welcoming. I'm with ya on the dream of having our own farmhouse one day . . .
    I LOVE your wine tag idea!! So smart of you! And they turned out so cute! Can't wait to see all of them! Have a great day getting back into the routine. I'm seriously dragging my feet!