Monday, November 12, 2012

Job's Patience

 Today our religious lesson covered the story of Job's Patience. It was a wonderful story about Job who loved God very much, avoid sin and lived a very rich life because of his love for God.
Satan believed it was easy for Job to love God and do what was right because of his riches. To prove Satan wrong, God allowed Satan to do whatever he wanted to Job but not to hurt his body. The story goes on to explain all of the horrible things that happened to Job. His cattle had been stolen and servants slain, his sheep and shepherds struck by lightning, he lost his camels and those who took care of them and the worst news of all was that a strong wind came and made his house fall killing his seven sons and three daughters. 

Job had great sorrow when he learned of the news but still did not sin by blaming God. He loved God so much that he prayed "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!"
As the story continues, it goes on to say how Job's body was covered in sores and even then, he did not complain but still praised God. 

God saw how much Job really did love him and was very pleased. He freed him from his sufferings and gave him even more riches than before. God also gave him seven sons and three daughters. Job lived a very long and happy life loving and serving God. He died at 140 years old.

Lesson learned? We should all love God even during our trials and tribulations. Even when we are carrying our own crosses, we should preserver knowing that God has a wonderful plan for us. He sees how hard we try and we will be rewarded for that.

Even if you aren't Catholic, I recommend this book. It is full of wonderful bible stories for Children (of all ages)! It is full of gorgeous pictures and easy to read stories (74 chapters to be exact).

In the wake of the recent storm, presidential election (I guess depending on if you are happy or not about the winner ha!) and all of those things that happen in life that we sometimes don't understand why, we must continue to love, serve and trust in God that he has a reason and a greater plan for us!

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. love the story of Job!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I'm pretty sure my family had that bible growing up!