Monday, November 19, 2012

Pumpkin Pie (and it's not even Thanksgiving!)

The kids wanted to make pumpkin pie. We had a can of pumpkin puree in the pantry so I figured, why not! Who says you can't make a pumpkin pie and eat it just days before Thanksgiving? So the scale went up a little over the weekend but, ahhh, it was a good weekend. (And really, with a large fam like ours, a pie doesn't last very long anyways so it isn't like it was going to still be around come Thanksgiving.)

 I tried something new this time. Well, a couple of things. We didn't have the evaporated milk so I used whole milk. Just one cup instead of 12 oz like the recipe called for. A cup seemed to be enough so I stopped there. I do think for some reason the evaporated milk yields a better flavor but I'd have to do a side by side comparison to make sure it was the milk. Hmmmmm.

The other new thing I tried was a braided crust. I love how the braided crust looks- so pretty! (Single crust pies with the crimped edge always cave into the pie while baking for me. I never know how to keep that from happening.) All I did was cut the  bottom crust flush to the top of the pie plate, put the filling in and then I wasn't really sure what to do next. Ha! So let me tell ya what I did. I sort of folded the bottom crust down to meet the filling and laid the braided crust on top of that. Clear as mud? I know. I'm sorry! 
Those ugly spots are where i poked it with a fork to check to see if it was done. oops!

I think next time my braid will look even prettier. Practice makes perfect, right?! This year I'm in charge of the apple pie. I'm not sure if I will do the braid or something totally different. I've got 2 days to figure that out before I get it baked. 

Hope you are having fun getting ready for Thanksgiving!


  1. Yum!! Looks delicious! So ready for this this weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious! That is the prettiest pie crust I have ever seen! I am SO going to try and copy you! Love it!!!! And now I reeeeeally want/need some pumpkin pie!!