Thursday, December 13, 2012

Craft Studio Makeover

Good Morning Everyone!
I've been up for a since 5:30 am. That is early for me, not by much but earlier than normal. My smallest rascal woke up upset and it took a while to settle her down so I decided to just stay up. I'm gonna be tired today! Thank goodness for coffee.

Once upon a time ago (if feels like that!) my husband offered to build me a craft desk. OKAY! Well, as time went by and we no longer needed our breakfast room table I decided a hutch would be perfect. I started sketching plans, figuring out my needs, flipping though magazines for inspiration and making plans. Hubby drew up detailed drawings, took measurements, all that good stuff and got to work. 

It has been a long wait but the day has finally come. BUT, you are still going to have to wait to see all of the make-over pictures. I just have a teaser for you today. Why? Because I'm still getting things organized, picking out baskets and bins and cleaning up. 
My brand new custom hutch is complete with paper dividers and marker storage and so much more!

Wanna see some messy room pictures? Oh I've got them!
 Do you ever feel like when you are cleaning up one room that you just move piles of STUFF to another? That is how I felt cleaning all of this up, except my piles were just getting moved around the room. At one point I had most everything off the day bed, which doubles as our guest bed, onto my sewing desk.
 Don't think I could have fit much more on it do you? I did!
Look at this mess. Not so bad at the top but as you move to the floor- HELLO MESS. At one point I sort of gave up putting things away knowing that as soon as my new hutch was done, I'd do one big clean up.
One more pretty picture to calm your nerves after those messy ones. See that cute chalkboard label? Yep, they are in my shop now! I saved empty baby food jars and stashed them away knowing that I'd eventually find a use for those cute little jars. I peeled their label off and stuck the chalkboard label right over the sticky adhesive left behind. I now have several in my studio to house all of those little things.

And don't forget- for my readers, though the end of December you can save 20% off your entire purchase in my shop. Use code MERRYCHRISTMAS

Time to refill the coffee cup- bye :)

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  1. Oooooh! I can't wait to see all of it! Paper is my big problem- it gets unorganized about 10 minutes after I organize it! Can't wait to see where you create! I've been slowly working on a craft space as well- it's one of my 2013 goals to finish it. :) LOVE those chalkboard labels! Yep, I'll need to make an order soon! :)