Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Love

Remember how my last post started off saying "This post is going to be a bit random"? 
In the middle of writing that post I decided to save the other "random" for a different post and never went back and changed my first sentence. Ooops.
So today I'm just dropping in to share a couple of Valentine's goodies that I've been working on for my kids. Come take a look!
I made up these quick, easy and fun 3"x3" cards to add to a little goodie bag of some sort for my 4 oldest kiddos. (The baby just eats paper at this point so I decided there was no point in making one for her!)
I think they will love the monkey stamp and get a kick out of the bananas and "love ya bunches!" on the inside. I wrote a sweet note to each of them, signed my name and now the hubby just needs to sign his. 
After making these I got the idea to make up a TON more to have ready to randomly give out to the kids throughout the year to remind them how much we love them. 
This sweet little number is filled with red, pink and white m&m's on the inside. I hand cut hearts out of left over Christmas wrapping paper and sewed them up. Getting the candy inside was a bit tricky and a few pieces fell in my lap but not to worry, I ate them. No m&m went to waste in the making of this craft!
Don't ya just want to tear one open?
I just know the kids will love them. 
And I loved making them. 
Sewing paper is so much fun!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Oh how fun!! Those little monkey cards are adorable! And what a great idea to make extra. I really need a card making day so I can have some stocked up. And your paper hearts turned out awesome! Your kids are going to love those! I sewed (yes you read that right) some hearts the other day and those curves were hard! Hee hee!