Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

There is one thing about me you should know: I LOVE YOGURT. I do. I really do. I eat it most mornings with homemade granola and raspberries and it hits the spot every time. I didn't always love yogurt. In fact, once upon a time ago I couldn't stand it. Then one day after trying an organic yogurt I realized that I didn't like the artificial sweeteners and fake stuff added. Since realizing that, I've been hooked to say the least. Organic yogurt is expensive though, especially when your little people realized THEY like yogurt, too. So you know my excitement when I learned about making your own yogurt in an ice chest! (yes, you read that right, in. an. ice. chest.)

This recipe is so simple and taste really good. Here is all you do...

Over medium heat, heat 1 gallon of milk to 185-195 degrees stirring often and then turn the heat off and let cool down to 120 degrees.
After cooled to 120 degrees add 1 cup of yogurt and mix well.
Next pour your milk/yogurt mixture into clean mason jars and put them in an ice chest with a heating pad turned to high.
Leave it alone for around 6 hours (I forgot one time and left it for 8 and it still turned out great). After 6 hours, take them out of the ice chest and put the jars in the fridge to chill. At this point the yogurt will still look a little thin but after it chills it will firm up.
And ENJOY! Depending on the percentage of milk you use, the thicker it will get. I use 1% and it is thick but not like store bought low fat but taste great. Whole milk would be much thicker if you don't mind the extra fat.

And there is something about pulling a mason jar out of the fridge in the morning...makes me want to live on a farm even more!

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