Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Project: Craft Room Addition

I'm a little short on words today so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. A while back I pinned this:
And LOVED the idea. I had a pile of my ropes and twines that I use to wrap up gifts and my etsy orders just piled on my desk. Not so pretty. This was the perfect solution! I love how the coffee cans contain the balls of twine, the old reclaimed looking wood and the measuring tape down the side. Just my style.
 This is my version: Pallet wood used as my reclaimed wood, coffee cans painted with a little silver spray paint (and a little beat up from my little people building towers with them before they got mounted on the wood) and a spare measuring tape hot glued down the side of the wood.
Now all of my ropes and twines have a home off the top of my desk which makes me a very happy lady! And the measuring tape down the side makes it so easy to measure what I need for a project or package and be on my way.
I have the best husband in the world for helping me turn my wishes and dreams into reality!
More Craft Room Addition posts are soon to come. I was going to do one big post about a finished room but decided to break it up and show progress bit by bit- because it takes us awhile to get things done around here and that is okay. I like to keep it "real" here on my blog. 

I hope you find inspiration in your day today!

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  1. You clever clever girl! It turned out so cute! Hooray for cute organization!

  2. Hooray for organization. It looks awesome. And yay for helpful honey's!!!! What would we do without them??