Monday, September 17, 2012

For the Love of Flower Frogs...and other stuff

 Last week was one of those weeks that fly by so fast you just don't know where the days go. That isn't always a bad thing but there was something about last week that just left me scratching my head wondering where-in-the-world did the time go? Most importantly, we did school and did it well.
That is what is most important so I guess I can't complain too much about everything else that didn't happen that I wished would have. Nothing major, just the house keeping kind of stuff that helps our family of 7 stay organized. We can make a mess of things fast but I know we can also get it cleaned up fast too if we work together. Today hasn't been the best of days around here. I think being stuck inside the past few days because of the storm that moved into central Texas and decided to stay-awhile has done everyone in. I don't blame them. The sun is coming out finally today but things are way too wet to go out and play. (Note to self: rain boots for EVERYONE!!!!) 
I did have one little surprise today and it was a good one. Over the weekend my mom called and said she was cleaning out some cabinets at my grandfather's house (his health is declining pretty fast at this point) and had been tossing a lot of my great grandmother's floral arrangement supplies. She started describing these metal things to me and I immediately knew what she was talking about and said "I want them!!!" She couldn't understand why and said they were in the trash and would see if she could dig them out. 
I got off the phone hoping that she'd dig into the gross trash to save these for me and she did! (After I called her back and told her she HAD to get them out! ha!)
 I first heard about vintage flower frogs on Martha Stewart years ago and more recently saw them used as decor in Southern Living (or was it Better Homes and Gardens? Both my favorite magazines). 
My mom thinks there might be a lot more under the stairs and said she will look once she starts cleaning stuff out from there. Can't wait to see if she finds more!
So her ya go, my vintage flower frogs sitting happy in a bowl. I don't know if they will stay in THIS bowl but for now, this is their home. I feel some fluffing coming on and I like the feeling! Oh, and I'm pretty sure they will sit on top of our TV stand. Right now it is an old black dresser that some day will be better converted- stay tuned for that... but don't hold your breath! There are other projects that will come first.
This was my great-grandparents house where my grandfather now lives. The bride? Yep, that was me on my wedding day! I love this picture!

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  1. I SOOOOOO know what you're talking about with the week flying by! Sheesh! So glad school is going well!
    LOVE all your flower frogs! And how special that they came from your grandma! They're house is AMAZING!