Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drop Cloth Ghost

Happy Halloween everyone!
I'm dropping by to share a quick last minute Halloween decoration that my kids and I whipped up this morning.

 Oh how I love the many uses of drop cloth, don't you? I had this bleached drop cloth left over from making a slipcover for our ugly red chair (one of these days I'll get around to sharing that!) so I turned it into ghost! 
I used styrofoam balls for the heads, tied some twine around the necks and hung it with red and white bakers twine, because that is what I had on hand! ha!


Pretty spooky, huh?
I think we are all set for our friends to come trick-or-treating with us tonight! It is middle of the day and broad day light and the kids already have their costumes on...except the baby and the bigger baby, who would rather go naked if it were up to her. Love 2 year olds!

Have a wonderful night!

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