Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Inspiration

 Texas weather is unpredictable. Especially in the Fall and Winter seasons. One day it is warm and the next it is 30 degrees colder and we are pulling coats out and bundling up.

 For example yesterday it was 86 degrees and today it is 54 degrees. That is quite the drop in temps over night if you ask me. We love it though. We love when a cold front blows in. Especially when it literally blows in. Sometimes it is a gradual drop over night and other times the wind picks up and then temps change within minutes. It was always exciting as a child when that happened and still it as an adult. And I see it in my own kids now, that they are just as excited when the weather changes so quickly. 

It is magical!
And speaking of weather changes. It is fall and I haven't shared any of my Fall vignettes yet so here I am doing that now! I love finding inspiration on the web so i hope to inspire you today, too!
The bowl and woven "ball" vase filler are both from Ikea. The other filler surrounding the candle was stuff I already had on hand. It is BHG from Walmart. I got it a couple of years back but I imagine you can still find something similar if not the same thing. 

And as for that lovely green candle? It was a sale item at Pottery Barn. It smells like lavender and cinnimon and evergreen all mixed together. It is AMAZING.

This little collection is on the end table by the couch. I just filled a cracker jar with faux cinnamon sticks, both items that I had on hand from Target. The pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby and the vintage-looking pumpkin post card is something I came across on the web. I can't even remember where now, sorry! I stuck it in a flower frog and called it good! And those coasters? I made those. They are in my shop and in fact, the reason I opened an etsy shop in the first place. That is a story in its own!
One last close up of that sweet pumpkin.

Happy Friday, y'all! Stay warm!

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