Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week Long Summary

This week has been a busy but good week. It was that good kind of busy, ya know? I love the good kind of busy. The kind where you get a lot of thing accomplished and have fun, too. Another successful week of school completed AND a great first quarter. I never got a post in about how we do school. I had great intentions  to do so but it didn't happen. Anywho, since I got all of our papers run off for the whole year (!!!) I also divided the year up to make it easier to organize. Our first grader has a binder with all of her work for a quarter in it so no running off to make copies while school is going on because I realize something was forgotten. SO, as I was saying, we finished a quarter and school is going great. Lots of learning going on.

I also had a couple of custom orders this week from my shop. I love custom orders. I love making something special for someone. With custom orders, there is usually a reason that the person wants the item and I love hearing the story. I get a lot of wedding orders and one of them this week was just that! My client wanted a Bar Menu chalkboard for her daughters wedding next summer. So off to work I went painting and cutting and gluing and photographing to make this custom chalkboard for this very special event. Turns out, the theme of the wedding is Rustic Italian and I think if fits the bill perfectly. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall (or maybe over at the cake table?) and see my creation in action! I loved how it turned out so much I decided to add it to my shop!
BAR MENU Chalkboard Sign

BAR MENU Chalkboard Sign
I also have been working on another custom order for someone. Sorry, no story behind this one- they just LOVED the LOVE chalkboard and wanted it bigger. Sure thing, so off to painting and cutting and gluing and photographing I went. I love my word chalkboards so much! I've never talked about them before but I'm in love with them. And each and every time I come up with a new word to go on one, I fall in love all over again with them.  Funny thing? I don't have one hanging in my own house! I want one- just trying to decide which one and where to hang it. We have a lot of windows in our kitchen/dining room and not a lot of wall space. That is probably the biggest thing holding me back. But I have been scoping out a spot and hope to get one up soon.

And the most exciting news? This past Wednesday while I was making lunch for my kids I saw an email come through for an order. (YAY!) I opened it up to see what it was and where it was going (always a thrill in our house, finding out where something is going) and noticed that it was going to Meredith Corporation for a photo shoot! What?! Of course I emailed to find out the scoop and what magazine and all the info so I can make sure I get my hands on a copy when it comes out. All I can say is I got the scoop. I'm extremely excited. And they are going to mail me a copy come April when it is published. I high fived these girlies good bye and told them to "make mama proud" as I packed the up to get them in the mail for their very important photo shoot! 
Chalkboard Tags (Set of 6) 
 Stay tuned for more details next spring! Yep, I'm gonna make ya wait since I have to wait! I do love these chalkboard tags! I dreamed up the idea a year ago December and this past summer went to work on the design I had in mind and made that dream come true!
 Chalkboard Tags (Set of 6)
They are perfect for a name card place setting, to hang from a basket, label a container, hang from a gift basket or turn into a reusable To/From tag... the list goes on! Be sure to check them out in my shop. I just restocked!

And now, after a long night with a fussy baby (teething!) I am ready for bed! Hope everyone had a restful blessed Sunday and a wonderful week!

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  1. Yeah!! Congratulations! You better stock up on those cute chalk boards, I have a feeling you're gonna have a ton of orders come Spring time! Can't wait to see them in a magazine! SO FUN and so happy for you!