Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Texas Size it!

We love Ikea, no doubt. We love Ikea even more on Tuesday's when Kids eat free. When we were walking out the door that little voice in my head said "take the camera" but did I listen? No! I told that little voice I wouldn't need it. Man, did I wish I had my camera.

My husband and I split the Sweedish Meatballs. You know how they put the little flag in one of the meatballs? Well, here in Texas, they put a Texas flag if you Texas size it. TOO CUTE! We had never had the meatballs- yum! Who doesn't like sweedish meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes, corn bread and cranberry sauce!

On our way into the store and through their show rooms I started noticing all sorts of new seasonal things. Again, I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA. Since I couldn't take pictures of my favorites, I'll have to use their website pictures which are far less inspiring than their show room displays.

I love these festive tins. They are neutral in color and would look great stacked as a decoration or used for cookies! 
JULFINT Side plate IKEA 
Music Note Plates- Yes, Please. I already have Christmas plates but these would mix and match nicely with my pattern. OR you could use them as candle holders or set on on a plate stand just to look pretty!
SOCKER Vase, set of 2 IKEA 
I love these metal vases. In the store they had the cream colored ones with a green lantern on an end table. It was the perfect trio. I'm thinking the same trio but on our coffee table. I'm always looking for kid friendly coffee table decor.
MĂ–RKT Lantern for tealight IKEA Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 
This is the lantern that they had with the metal vases. I can't find it on their website but in the store there was a fun vintage green color. I love love love aqua- I'm southern, it's in my blood but I also have a soft spot for vintage green so that is the one we have our eye on for our coffee table trio. 
JULFINT Tablecloth IKEA 
Take a look at these table cloths. My favorite is the top striped one. I haven't measured but I'm hoping it will actually fall short on the long sides so I can have the wood of our table exposed on the ends and just have it hanging over the sides. In the displays they had the table filled with lots of tall vases and other festive decorations. I'd be here all night if I posted it all- and this would be a very long post!
JULKUL Baking cup, paper IKEA 
Aren't these muffin tins perfect? 1.99 for 200 of them! I think so! I like to use muffin tins for more than just muffins or cupcakes. I sometimes put our kids snack in them for a perfect serving size. I'm also thinking they'd be perfect flattened out to embellish a wrapped gift.
Go to textiles
These throw pillow cases are the best. I love the Santa's and the stripes. I hope to add a couple to our living room come December.
Go to gift wrapping 
And I'm over the moon with their wrapping paper this year. I bought a roll discounted at Target last year after Christmas and now have my eye on the music note kraft color paper to mix and match with this year. (Sorry the picture isn't great- they only have the thumb nail on their website.)

Now you can see why I'm kicking myself for leaving the camera behind!
We were very good and didn't by a single thing! I could have been oh so bad but we are on a tight budget and need to stick to it. But, we do have plans to go back and buy a few things. It is actually nice to wait and come home and process all of that goodness first. I hate clutter or even having too much stuff so this way I can give it all some though and plan how many of those adorable throw pillow covers I need, measure for the table cloth, give the coffee table arrangement I have in mind time to digest and basically set a budget for some of these fun items before just buying. Lucky for us our Ikea is only 10-15 minutes away so stopping back by once we decide what we can get isn't a biggie!

I can't wait to take pictures next time in the store and can't wait to share pictures of what we get and how it looks in our own home! Wait for it, I know it will be good!

Even though it is early to think about Christmas, I still hope I inspired you! (and hey, a few of the things we want to get will work all year round! Gotta love that!)

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  1. How fun!! I've only been to Ikea once and I fell in love! So many fun things at great prices! Thank you for taking me shopping! The closest one to me is 10 hours away! Have a great start to your week!