Monday, January 21, 2013

Come dream with me...

Gooood afternoon!
This past weekend I had some free time to work on my little studio spruce-up!
Thanks to Better Homes and Garden's I Did It story in the February issue, I now have a much clearer vision of how I want the space to look when it is finished.

Come dream with me!

Saturday and Sunday I whipped up this cute little fabric banner using scraps that I had on hand. After hanging it I decided it should span across the whole length of my desk. Off to the fabric store I need to go for something with the color yellow in it!

The cork board WAS above my sewing desk but I decided it would look nicer above my hutch. It still needs to be hung but so far I'm liking it!

I had been considering a fabric skirt on my desk since there is a ton great storage space under there but just wasn't sure...until BHG came along featuring this amazing craft room.
I certainly never would have dreamed of doing ruffles but isn't it perfect? At this point I can't even image the yardage of fabric it will take and since my budget is limited it is lower on the To-Do List. But someday, I think it will be perfect! And the color fits my color scheme perfectly!

I have one more rod to hang on my punch wall. I found little baskets that will be perfect for holding ribbon!
BYGEL Wire basket IKEA Can be hung on BYGEL rail, mounted to the wall or the inside of a kitchen cabinet frame or door. Saves space on the countertop
It is the BYGEL Wire Basket from Ikea and with a price tag of $2.99 each you can't go wrong!
I love my very little sewing desk. It use to be white and once-upon-a-time ago it was a bedside table in our master bedroom. I spray painted it aqua and changed out the wooden knobs for some old beat up (beat up from being tossed around in a box in the garage! ha!) ones for a quick update. From this picture you can't see it but sort of behind my sewing machine is a little bucket of scissors and a little wire bird basket of threads. If my desk were larger, having stuff out on it would probably fine but since it is so small I'm constantly knocking them over with fabric every time I sew something. 

Once again, thanks to BHG, I have a solution that is better than ever!
Where my cork board once hung there will be white shelves sitting on yellow brackets! It will be perfect for my scissors and threads along with other things like buttons and baskets. And speaking of baskets, I want some! I came up with the idea of having "project baskets." Instead of having multiply projects that I've started laying around until they are done, I will store them in baskets on my shelves above the sewing desk! And don't ya just love those fabric ruffles on her baskets? I hope to do something just like that!
Let's head back over to my desk again. After deciding I wanted YELLOW throughout my studio, I spent some time looking at ways to add little pops of the color all over the room. One way to do that on the cheap is to spray paint the lids of these baby food jars.  Perfect!
And the back of this cabinet will also get a pop of yellow with the help of some oil cloth or fabric.

Isn't my little shipping station the cutest? Like the pop of yellow? Yeah, that wasn't planned that way but I was pretty excited when I realized the picture frame, tiny vintage film case and the shipping supplies were all yellow!
And last but not least this window needs some lovin'. I happen to have some lacy white curtain panels stored away that will be perfect.

Thanks for coming along and I can't wait to give you a tour of my finished studio soon!


  1. Lookin' good! I put a curtain around my table too for storage- it's a great place to store stuff. Love those ruffles! Can't wait to see it all finished! One of these days mine will be done too . . . but I don't see that in the near future- it's always so messy! :)
    Thank you again for my happy mail! I'll be sure to use those tags in my organizing endeavors! Love em'! And the coasters- swoon!

  2. I'm totally in love with your twine holder next to your hutch with the perfect pop of yellow in that tape measure!! LOVE it. I can't wait to see your big reveal Christina!