Sunday, February 24, 2013

when life happens

This past week I went to the Dr. for a cyst thinking I'd need surgery. Since the antibiotic had cleared up the infection to the point it was impossible to see where the cyst had been, I was told to wait until it came back again. These type of cyst come back. The only way to get rid of them are by removing them.
I left the office and thought I was good for another year since I was only getting them about once year since the first one 3 years ago.

Two days later, yeah, guess what was coming back already!
Back to the surgeon I went.
Since it was in the early stages, there wasn't much to see except the fact that I had a tender spot.
They had an opening for surgery the next day, which I figured was better than waiting through the weekend and would  give me the weekend to recover.
Thursday ended up being a mad dash to clean house and prepare for not being able to do much for the next week or so.
These sweet little lunch bags were one of the last minute things I pulled together to remind the kids that I love them and will be missing them.
Since I've been working on filling a jar of little cards to have on hand, I was able to pull this little act of love off fast and easy.
I packed them a lunch, stamped their names on the bags, tied it up with twine and attached a little card.
All pulled off reeeeaaallly late at night but so worth the time and effort it took to remind them how much they are loved.

My shop is currently closed right now but I think in a day or so I will be up to re-opening with a small sample of my line of handmade pretties until I'm really back into the swing of things.

Please keep me in your prayers. Infections are common with where the incision is so that worries me. I'm hoping I can breeze right though it without any problems!
And hey, I am sitting up in a chair right now typing this post!
That's a good thing!

Have a Restful Sunday!

P.S. I do have a post scheduled for Wednesday, another 3"x3" card (can you tell I'm lovin' those right now?) but other than that, I probably won't be around much, if at all, this week. :)


  1. CHRISTINA! I will be praying for you girl! I know it is so difficult when stuff like this interrupts life! Wish I lived closer to help you and substitute teach! PLease know that I will be praying for a quick and infection free recovery. Try and take it easy!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you so much for the prayers :) So far so good and infection free :)

  2. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a little while but not left a comment before now. I hope you're having a speedy recovery after surgery and your family are taking good care of you and you're getting plenty of rest. By the way, those little lunch bags you made are very cute :)

    1. Hi Jessie May :)
      Thank you for your sweet comment and for reading my blog!