Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY Dresser Redo

I love a good before and after.
What about you?
This before and after is a tad different though. I don't have an ugly picture to show you. The dresser was purchased brand spanking new for our baby boy-to-be 6-ish years ago.
When our first baby was born we weren't really liking any of the changing table options out there that would also house clothing, too. We decided to get a dresser that was at the right height to double as a changing table on top. It worked out so perfectly for us that when we found out we had baby #2 on the way and a boy(!!!) we decided to do the same thing in his room.
Years later, different state, different house, different room layout and 5 children to fit into 2 rooms, the dresser was no longer working out for us.
And that is okay.
As a larger family we are learning more and more that you have to go with the flow of things and make changes when something is no longer working.
So that is what we did!

It just so happened that we also were in need of a TV stand/console/whatever-you-want-to-call-it we needed something under the TV.
For over a year we had the cable box and dvd player on top of the dresser with all 6 drawers in the dresser. I always dreamed of ripping those top 2 drawers out and making cubbies to hold the electronics and one day made a plan, removed the top drawers and made my dream come true!
Months went by that it sat empty on top. 
When December rolled around, I had a lot of fun decorating but eventually it all had to come down and sat empty again.
Sometimes my biggest hold-up is figuring out what I want to do and making sure I get it right the first time. I have a rule around here- only to bring stuff into our home that we truly love. So that is why I didn't just run to the store and pick up stuff to fill up the space. 
I found the vintage fan on etsy and it was something that I had been admiring for a while. 
So now, picture a console with just a fan. hehe
Hey, it was a start!
Then came the plant in the cute little basket from Ikea. I set it by the fan on the left side on the console and felt like I was finally make progress! 
A week ago we ran a bunch of errands one Saturday morning and picked up a small fig tree. I had to move a lantern to make room for the plant so to the console it went! One of the errands was a trip to Target where I spotted the bird cage that holds tea lights.
Be still my heart!
We actually left the store without it but as driving around making other stops I realized how perfect it would be on our console! 
Yep, we went back! (grin)
notice the little feet in the picture hehe
 This little decorating project was almost finished. I had my fan, plant, lantern and bird cage and was feeling pretty happy! A couple days later I did a quick switch-a-roo moving the fan to the right, bird cage to the left, you get the idea, and it was looking even better.
Wednesday when I was coming up with a centerpiece for our youngest daughters 1st birthday I needed to move the wooden pallet board tray off the table and decided to give it a try on the console to fill the empty space in the middle. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it there but it grew on me fast!
(I already had the candles so I filled the box and project: COMPLETE!)
And that is the story of our big black dresser :)
Which got new knobs. Twice. The second set had a few break and we couldn't get more. But I think I like these even better. Which I didn't think was possible because I was in love with the second set of knobs. The non-broken ones are now on my sewing desk. 
(Thank you Hobby Lobby for cheap knobs so we could replace the broken set without blinking an eye!)

Have you fixed up a piece of furniture lately?


  1. Lookin' good girl! I love fluffing my home! You did such a great job! And the fan looks great! :)