Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover!

Bit by bit this year I'm going through our WHOLE house clearing out the piles and organizing the keepers!
It's gonna take some time but it will be so worth it in the end. 
I've been working hard on my craft room and happy to announce besides a few loose ends to tie up (lining the back of a cabinet, etc) it's basically done! This past weekend, I realized that it was actually pretty much finished! So after I tie up those loose ends, I promise to share what I did and what I learned along the way. I've got some good tips!

Now, onto the bathroom. 
We have 1 smallish bathroom cabinet above the toilet in our bathroom and no drawer in the sink area. With that being said, things were piling up a little.
First step was to clear out the cabinet and get to work!

Here's the empty cabinet:
And here is all of the STUFF inside:

That is a lot off stuff inside 1 smallish cabinet!
After the cabinet was empty, I measured and made a note about how I wanted to sort and group things and then off to the store I went for baskets.
Here's what I got:
 The hangers are for my husbands ties, pint size laundry baskets for the kiddos and some how some nail polish made it's way into my cart! hmmmm.....
Oh, and the little aqua oval pail ended up in my craft room. It didn't fit in the bathroom cabinet with everything so I put it to good use elsewhere! 
(You will notice a few items not pictured- those were picked up on a different trip out. After filling up what I bought on the first trip I was better able to understand my needs even more!)
Once back in the bathroom, I began filling up the containers, labeling and putting them on their shelves.

 I had this basket from a bathroom spruce up years ago. Some fresh spray paint, sewed up a quick liner with fabric on hand and perfecto!
 Bulk items in lidded containers and labeled.
And this sweet little mason jar tag was quick to make and oh so cute!

Normal counter top items and stuff that usually would go in a drawer (that gets used the most often) got corralled on a cute little tray from Ikea.
 Under the sink got a little love, too! 
(Hubby's side of the sink will get love later. Baskets add up quick!)
Now our bathroom is organized and a relaxing and peaceful place to be. 
I challenge you to do the same. You will be happy with the time well spent!


  1. Those mason jar tags are too adorable. And I recognize almost every single basket you have and could probably tell you exactly what store you got it from. Haha, I seriously go shopping for storage organization bins too often.

  2. Love all the bins/tags, so cute! I followed you on Google Friend Connect. I also did a Linens and the Loo post and would be so delighted if you could follow my blog too!


    Happy Day!

  3. Love those target containers. I use the same ones as organization in my bathroom.

  4. Love the containers and love the way it looks.
    You should link this blog post or any other up on my Linky Home Orgamization Blog Hop Post.

    Link up here: http://bit.ly/XDWic2

  5. Where did you find the mason jar labels?? Thanks!

  6. Love it! I am also wondering where you got those sweet mason jar labels?

    Tess @ www.heartsoulfamily.blogspot.com

    1. I made them! I used both a stamp and di from Stampin' Up!'s current spring catalog. So glad you like them!