Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lots of news to share around here!

Remember me? 
It's been a looooooong time since I've posted anything.
Icky morning sickness stopped me in my tracks for many many weeks but FINALLY, I'm starting to feel human again! Still not "over it" but not really sick any more either.
Yep, so that means, I'm pregnant!
And yep, that will bring the total to SIX! :)
(I'll pause for a minute while you catch your breath and probably wondering if we "planned" it this way. It's okay. We've heard it all and see all sorts off facial remarks when people ask if it is our first and we say no or when we are all at Target and realized we are being counted. hehe It's amusing to us now.)
We couldn't be happier to bring another beautiful baby into our family and we like to leave the planning in God's hands. Less pressure on us that way. hehe

So...... :)
Now that I'm back, I'm also having fun restocking my shop
 I just listed these super fun chalkboard erasers!
(They also work on dry erase boards, too!)
 This cutie is all decked out in her black and white gingham check oil cloth and trimmed with bright orange mini pom poms with some aqua grosgrain ribbon peaking out from under the pom pom trim.

 I love the vintage inspired oil cloth prints mixed with the fun mini pom pom trim!
 And this little sweet heart? She is dressed up in oil cloth featuring oranges and beautiful yellow flowers! She is trimmed in aqua pom poms with aqua grosgrain ribbon peaking out from under the pom pom trim.

Aren't they just the sweetest? I made one for myself and it not only is functional but also looks adorable sitting out my our chalkboard!

Hope everyone is having a great Summer! 
Until later...


  1. Helloooooooo! So happy to hear from you on your blog! And I am happy to hear that you're feeling better! Do you guys know what you're having???
    Your erasers are absolutely adorable!! Love the oilcloth! YOu are so talented girl! I think my classroom just might need one don't you think?

  2. It's lovely to read a new post from you (your chalkboard erasers are so pretty!) and so pleased you're feeling a whole lot better. Pregnancy sickness is just so horrid! When is your due date? Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :)