Thursday, July 18, 2013

Craft Room Update: Almost finished!

 I'm so excited to finally feel like I'm at a point in this craft room project of mine to show you pictures!
It's come a very long way.
And it helped that today when I looked at my daily To-Do List, dusting the office was listed. 
So here she is all shinny and pretty. Cleaned up and picture perfect ready.

Now get ready for a TON of pictures :)
I turned our old dining room table into my desk. It is large and perfect for having multiply projects going on at once. My husband built me the hutch on top. We put a lot of thought into how I crafted and what my needs were. Here are some close ups:
 Since craft rooms need storage we made sure this hutch would provide that! 
The top is extra deep to accommodate bulky items as well as little stuff and lots of bins and baskets to keep things sorted. I'm not huge into scrapbooking but do have a bin that holds album related stuff (page protectors, pictures to scrap, etc) The red binder (will) have all of my stamp sets stamped in it for easy reference. It's a work in progress as I have a lot of stamps!
And as for those pull out drawers? That's how I keep my paper scraps sorted by color family and Designer Series Paper. It's a great way to use your scraps to their fullest and not waste paper by throwing them out (and saves money, too).
 Now onto the middle section of my hutch. I am a lazy crafter and want as much of my stuff within reach as possible. So up front and center: Paper! The top shelf holds my 12"x12"' designer series paper, below that my 8-1/2"x11" card stock (sorted by color family) and below that my markers (again sorted by color family). hmmm....looks like I need to buy more markers :)
My power strip has it's own special nook so I don't have to crawl around on the floor when I want to emboss! It just needs to be screwed into place. As you can see my adhesive didn't hold. ha!

And a side note on the power strip: I had a pretty one from the container store but (luckily) before ever using it we got a notice in the mail about a recall on it and had to return it to the store. So I'm on the look out for a new pretty one!
 Now onto the far left side of my hutch: The top shelf has my scoring board, paper trimmer, cutting mat and embossing gun. The middle shelf has glitter, my crafting tool kit (behind the stuff you see in the front), a basket for buttons and embellishments, a freshly spray painted stapler (so fun!) and a little dollar store bucket that holds glue dots, dimensionals and a tape runner. And at table level is a very large burlap box from Ikea that holds my dies and embossing folders.
 Want to see close ups of the top of my hutch? 
Here ya go!
My ink pad caddy, swim locker basket full of mason jars for more the little stuff...
 ...a wooden berry basket that holds chalk and an eraser (this is were I work when I'm working on product for my shop so chalk up front and center is ideal!), paint brushes, task lamp (lighting is horrible in this room!) and my Big Shot.
 To the far left side of the desk is my punch rack and ribbon storage. I love having these items so close at hand when I'm creating! Inside the closet (you can see the door in part of the picture) holds my stamps and etsy product. I forgot to take a picture so that will come another day!
This is my little sewing desk! It is small but works for my sewing needs.
 My own custom chalkboard!
(I don't list this particular one with "create" in my shop but contact me about a custom order if you'd like one!)
 This is such a happy little corner in my craft room!
Don't buntings make everything happier? Like a party is always going on? 
I think so!
I hung a dowel rod from bracket to bracket for fun washi tape storage. Now when I need a little tape I can just tear it off. If I need a lot and want to take the whole roll down, it's easy enough to do that too.
(looks like I need more washi tape!)
 I found this absolutely adorable bird's nest wire bowl at Hobby Lobby. It is perfect thread storage for my sewing needs.
I love the shelves above my sewing desk. The white baskets hold sewing projects and other projects in the works.
 I love jars and baskets to separate and organized things in.
 My vintage sewing patterns!
I have another post (from a while ago) about my twine storage but thought I'd share pictures again.
Months and months and months later I still love it!
And finally my craft cabinet for more supply storage!
 The very top holds a basket of some of my shipping supplies. When I fill orders I can grab my basket and when needed, roll of brown packing paper, (under the guest bed not shown....yet!) and get right to work.
 The top shelf in the cabinet (from Ikea, by the way) holds some albums that I'm working on, Stampin' Up! catalogs and books and the second shelf has baskets (from left to right) holding greeting cards, knitting needle cases and small jars for the tiny stuff. :)
 The third shelf down is packed full of boxes to further sort supplies!
They store anything from (more) glitter, chalk, wire/metal, rope, craft paint, etc.
And the very bottom shelf stores yarn and knitting books/patterns. I threw one tiny little basket in there for now but need something much bigger.
Thanks to my chore planner telling me I needed to dust the office today, I was left with a very clean craft space. To reward myself, I made this cute card to send to some friends of the family to thank them for some yummy figs fresh from their tree!

Thanks for checking out my craft room!
I'll keep ya posted on further progress, sometime show off my stamp storage, shop product storage and guest bed (it needs a mattress right now he he).



  1. What a great craft room! I like your idea for storing your punches and your little sewing corner is so cute!

  2. Christina!!! I LOVE all that you've done! I have to giggle because we have so many of the same things- I think we would have a hoot crafting together. Just seeing your fun space makes me want to go make my disaster of a craft area cute. And you also made me want to go craft! :) What an inspiration you are!!!