Monday, August 12, 2013

Oh hello

How do you beat August heat?
Create a plate wall!
 Our entry way makes me seriously happy. What started out as a blank space has slowly transformed. I have a few more plans for it but it is coming along!
(and please look past the putty holes that I still need to touch-up paint)
 I found these plates at Goodwill. Nine plates for $9.01 after tax...NOT bad!
 I was curious about a few brands. They looked fancy, had fancy sounding brands and some actually ARE fancy and date back! Even bigger score!
This one had me at hello.
 The "T" is going. It just doesn't fit in. I bought it at Hobby Lobby before the plate wall idea. It didn't fit in before the plate wall idea either come to think of it. hehe

And here is my secret: A paper clip with felt hot glued over it creates a super strong bond to the plate. We looked at actual plate hangers but it seemed silly to spend around $1.50 per hanger on plates that were only $1 or less each. Now I will say, I wouldn't have done this to plates that were expensive or heirlooms. I have no idea how the felt and glue will come off the back of the plate but for this, it didn't matter to me. I don't have future plans for these plates other than staying on the wall. So my point being, do this at your own risk.:)

Oh, and I've checked the paper clips a few times and they are still going strong!

I'm in the middle of a few painting projects but the heat and humidity is slowing me down. For example, we have one interesting looking half painted wooden chair in our living room right now that I was planning on finishing up today but it is too humid according the the spay paint can. Maybe tomorrow!

I hope to share once a few more things are done. We've been making over our living room and I love how it is coming alone! 

What have you been up to? Do you love August or are you ready for it to be over like me? haha

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