Saturday, September 7, 2013

Label Love

Hey Y'all!
I'm just stopping by for a quick shop update and some home organization things that I've been up to.
For many many weeks I've had a few labeling projects in the pantry and in my craft room that I knew needed attention.
Well, I finally go to them! 
I find sometimes the best way to get something crossed off the list when you feel like you are short on time is to just do it! If it is THAT important to you, then make the time. 
With that said, this was important to me. I was tired of sifting through unlabeled jars of this and that to find what I needed. What took a few hours to complete has saved me a lot of time otherwise.

First up the craft room!
(Because craft rooms are just fun and who doesn't love fun?)

 My sweet little dollar store aqua bucket got a label upgrade. When I first labeled my adhesive bucket I had used my label maker with some clear label tape. It wasn't bad but a chalkboard label is so much cuter!
This is my small decorative chalkboard label available in my shop!
 Next up I added 2" circle chalkboard labels that are a perfect fit on my blue mason jars! 
Chalkboard labels on these mason jars are perfect because they hold all of my little odds and ends. When I use up what is in the jar and want to put something new in it all I have to do is wipe it off and relabel! 
So much easier than making a new label (even on a label maker) every time!

Now onto the panty!
I also added the 2" circle label to this little mason jar.
I'm sort of on a cinnamon sugar kick in my coffee.
(And oops! I got my "o" and "a" switched in cinnamon! Forgive me? I'm human, too!)
This little jar sits by the coffee maker and just looks so darn cute!
 Now for those large mason jars that hold many bags and boxes worth of food items that always end up looking sloppy in the pantry. These are my 3" circle chalkboard labels that are a perfect fit on the wide mouth mason jar lid.
Have you tried the plastic lid for long term storage? I love them. I love not messing with a 2 part lid when I'm cooking. And just like the blue jars in my craft room these labels can be wiped off and quickly relabeled if the contents of the jar change. 
Sometimes I don't have pecans on hand but mixed nuts! We live on the wild side around here! Never know what you will find in our pantry! Ha!

 And last but not least (this isn't anything new) our canisters have a label. I've had these labels in the shop before and they are back again!
I'm using a new brand of vinyl now and LOVE the extra thick quality. 

Happy organizing! 
What have you labeled lately?

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