Friday, September 13, 2013

My little Anthro Knock-Off

This little project turned out too cute and was too easy not to share!
I recently came across this Anthropologie Chalkboard Spice Jar when I was searching for something else!
spray paint jar white, lid blue and add a chalkboard label
Does that ever happen to you? 
Lucky for me I did find what I was looking for for another little project I've got up my sleeves and will share that on another day.
When I saw this I immediately thought "jar, spray paint and chalkboard label....I can do that!"
A few days later I felt like an even bigger genius when I came up with the idea to turn little jelly jars into the most adorable "piggy banks" ever for my kiddos. 
We recently assigned our four oldest a few chores each that they are expected to do every day. It's nothing major as they are all ages 7 and under but it is a start. We didn't plan on ever paying them to do these chores until my husband came home telling me about an allowance system that a co-worker of his told him about. It is sort of a backwards or reverse way of paying your kids. ha!
Basically, each kiddo has their set of chores assigned to them and each chore has a value or price assigned to it. On any given day if the kiddo decides not to do a specific chore, they pay YOU from their weekly allowance. 
There are a few rules though: 
1. 10% of their weekly allowance goes to the collection basket at church
2. 30% of their weekly allowance goes into savings
3. No borrowing money if they don't have enough in their jar for what ever it is they want to buy.
We are still getting our ducks in a row before trying this out but have very high hopes!
I love that this system teaches charity, savings and the value of money.

How to make an Anthro Knock-Off Spice Jar

1. Spray paint your jar white and use a clear top coat if desired.
2. Paint the lid and band of your jar (if it is a 2 part jar) any color you want.
3. Let dry at least a day or two to let the paint cure.
4. Using chalkboard paint, paint a label on your jar or use a vinyl label.

**Spray paint on glass can chip off- that is why I did the top coat in hopes that it won't. If it does, cover your label with some painters tape and re-spray your jar as needed or embrace the natural "worn" look!**

Happy Friday! 
Now Go Paint Something!

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