Thursday, October 17, 2013

Around our Home: Fall Addition

Hi Guys!
It's been a while since I posted last so I decided to stop by today and make time to share some Fall touches around our home. 
I kept things very simple this year and really like it. I see simple becoming a new trend for me. 
Simple is easy and less cluttered and I love it.
So on to the pictures!
 Our shoe cabinet from Ikea is the perfect place for seasonal decorations.
And as for the picture frames....hopefully soon I will get pictures in them!
I love how everything turned out basically neutral with a pop of orange.
I didn't plan it that way!

 I used my Silhouette to cut scalloped circles out of thin packing paper and vintage sewing patterns to make these flowers.
 Our rusty metal pumpkin makes my heart happy :)
 And anyone who knows me knows I love chalkboards. I still have a few of these left in my shop the medium and large size.
I filled a metal lantern with mini pumpkins for a fun pop of orange.

 Our entryway all decked out. 
The dresser was my great grandmothers and was a some what recent addition to our entry. Each drawer has a specific purpose all neatly divided up and labeled. Everything has a place and that keeps us organized when we are coming and going!

 Our plate display is still going strong. I switched out summery stuff with a rooster and pumpkin and leaf shaped placemats layered up to create a runner. I bought the placemats at Walmart several year years ago. As of last year they still sold them but I haven't checked this year. They are the Better Homes and Gardens brand.
 The little tray holds out-going mail. I find it easier to quickly sort in-coming mail if it is dropped on on the kitchen island. A big no-no, I know, but it works for us. I hate piles of papers so that way I am more likely to sort through it faster.
 We picked up the fat green rooster at a flea market. He's not old or vintage or anything like that but I have a soft spot for fat roosters so he came home with us!
 My one and only vintage fan. I love it so much!
 Our armoire got a little love, too. I made the "blessed bunting" out of shipping tags and clipped some paper leaf cutouts to more twine. It's hung with a little washie tape. I might just leave it up for Christmas and just take the leaves down. Time will tell!
 The glass blown pumpkins are from MIT's glass pumpkin patch. We went one year while living in the Boston area and it was crazy but fun.

 This little vignette sits above our new laptop desk. I'll have to share pictures of that sometime. My husband built it and I did the staining and painting. Picture a stained cedar top with cedar legs painted and distressed with aqua chalk paint. It makes my heart sing!

 My little red hutch got dressed up for Fall, too.
 To make a burlap bunting, just cut some squares of burlap, make some letters out of fabric and sew or glue to burlap. String it up with twine and that's it!
That's it!
Simple....just the way I like it!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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  1. So cozy! I love all your home-made touches! YOu have such a beautiful home!