Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keeping Our Entry Clutter Free

Hi Everyone!
Are you like me and HATE a messy entryway? 
Especially when your entryway is completely open to the living room?
Yeah, it's a known fact around here that I don't like clutter and piles and I have been know to get really cranky at times (especially late at night when I'm really tired and should be in bed) about piles and chaos. hehe
This past January I made a goal to work on organizing our home throughout the whole year and try try try to make it function better with the way we live and use spaces.
I can happily say we've made really good progress with that goal. It will be a never ending goal since as our children grow and we change we will need to tweak things but getting inital systems in place hopefully will help with future tweaking.

So onto our entryway....
 In order to help define an entry, we used a dresser to help keep us organized.
 Each  drawer has a purpose and is labeled. 
Yep, I love my label maker and have found that labels really help keep us all on the same page about what belongs and what doesn't belong. I can guarantee without things labeled, every drawer would become a typical junk drawer.
Our dailies drawer has little plastic bins (from Container Store) to further keep things such as sunglasses, glasses, store discount cards, and change sorted. We use this drawer the most when we are coming and going.
Another drawer holds camera gear such a battery chargers, cords, manuals, etc. It makes it so much easier to grab the battery charger or a specific cord when we know exactly where to find it.

Next comes a drawer for my Silhouette. It holds all of my e-cutter media and the machine itself. I use my Silhouette at our new laptop desk that sits in a cozy corner of the living room so having this stuff nearby works best for me! It's not at all an entryway type of item but again, this is a system that works for us and how we live and use our spaces. :)
And the last drawer wears two hats. 
One half holds my knitting and/or crocheting projects....
...and the other half is where items that need returning go. It's nice to see that side empty!
Right now both sides are open to each other but I have big plans to add a divider in the near future.
And if we jump back up to the top of the dresser I added a basket for out-going mail. It makes it easy to grab bills and cards on the way out the door and make sure they make it to the mailbox on time!
And as I said in my last post I actually perfer in-coming mail to come straight to the kitchen island to quickly sort out the junk which goes into a shred bin in the pantry/laundry room right off the kitchen and then bills get taken to an armiore also in the kitchen/dining area and get put away where they belong until bill paying day. At the most you will find on the island after that are the flyers with coupons and I'm pretty good at going through those within a day or two and filing them away.
Do you have any rock star tips that keep your entry or landing zone organized? 
I'd love to hear!


  1. Our front door opens right into the kitchen, so we had trouble keeping our shoes and such organized. After a year of living with a messy entry we bought a narrow shoe cabinet from Ikea - now we have hidden storage for shoes and dog stuff, plus a little box on top for my husband's wallet and such. Not as organized as you are, but we try!

    1. We have an ikea shoe cabinet and LOVE IT! Isn't Ikea the best? Thanks for your kind words. :)