Sunday, February 5, 2017

Valentine's Treat Bag

One of my favorite things to make are little treat bags and boxes. Who doesn't love pretty gift wrap? Our kids get so excited when I surprise them with something like this and I find it so relaxing to sit down for a bit and create something so special. All of the products used are from Stampin' Up!

After assembling the baggies, I die cut and stamped a bunch of little embellishments to decorate the front of the bags. As I was putting the first one together I didn't really know where I was going with this so just kept rearranging until I liked it...then made 8 more!
I made this little drawing to help you make your own bags, if you'd like!
1. Cut two pieces of paper to make a 6x6 inch square. 
2. Score one side (on each sheet of paper) at 1-1/2".
3. Score two opposite sides at 3/4" and then 1-1/2". The 3/4" score line helps the bag fold in on the sides.
4. Cut little slits up to the bottom 1-1/2" score line.
5. Fold the two little "tabs" you cut at the bottom of your paper in and glue to the bottom of your paper (the part labeled 1-1/2" on my drawing). Once you do that you will see it already start to form a half of a bag. Glue the other piece of paper to this "half a bag" to form the complete bag!

This is a little hard to explain considering it is so easy to make. I think once you start folding your paper and watching it transform into a bag it will become more clear if it wasn't already. 

I finished off my bags by punching a hole in the top and tying a bow with ribbon....after filling it with candy, of course!

Valentine's Day is just 9 days away and I have a few more projects and cards left to share. Until then have a wonderful week!

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