Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't ya just LOVE Vintage?

Don't ya just love anything vintage? I know I do and I am IN LOVE with these Vintage-Looking Flower Pins that I just created for my shop
The whole time I was making these beauties I was oohing and awhing to myself! It is amazing watching fabric transform into something- something that you made with your own two hands. Ok- it is amazing watching ANYTHING transform into something that you made with your own two hands. 
Especially when you are the designer and the design in your head turns out as great in person as you had hoped. Usually before I go to work on something I go though a long thought process involving a lot of planning until I can pretty much picture the end result before I even start making the object.

I have seen these type of flower pins done in so many ways using anything from felt to cotton to chiffon- you name it, someone has done it! These pretties are made from chiffon. I saw this technique done at Stampin Up! Regionals and was so impressed that I stopped at Hobby Lobby on my way home to buy some chiffon. I did make it my own by adding the lace to some and using a different die than demonstrated but did the same layering and shaping technique as instructed. And I have also made these darling flowers before using cotton and felt but this was my first time to get my hands on chiffon and start experimenting. I love how one basic concept or idea can be transformed in so many different ways depending on the person doing it. God has made us all unique like that. My flower pin would never look quite like any other person's because we all have our own special touches and special ways of doing things.

Have a fabulous Saturday evening, friends and if you have a chance, don't forget to stop by and check these pretties out! I'm in love!


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