Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Decor- Kiddie-Style

We've been busy here during the past couple of day doing some fun Valentine's Day home decor. Yesterday my 3 oldest cuties made these cute tea light holders out of random jars from the recycle bin, lots of glue and tissue paper. 
We lined them down the center of our dinner table for a pretty little center piece. It makes me very happy seeing them everyday!

 One of today's projects were these hand-sewn felt hearts. This they had some trouble with- I guess they are a bit too young but they still had a blast trying. They did eventually finish but had some trouble. This idea also came from Amy over at BlissfulBlooms. 
I love seeing all of the hard work they put into them. Their random stitches are so sweet looking.
We will cherish these forever!

And since Wednesday's are our day off from school, we managed to fit in a second project! For this project I sewed some 4" X 5" burlap flags during naptime and when they woke up, they stamped red and pink hearts on the flags using a potato stamp.
I must say I am completely impressed with how well these turned out. They did an awesome job! Short of making sure the potato was "inked" up well with paint and helped them put enough pressure down onto the burlap, they did this on their own. After the felt heart project in the morning, I didn't expect this to go so well. I figured at least a few of the hearts would be halfway off the fag, upside down- but nope, these look pretty perfect to me!

I decided to hang these on our wedding pictures. I thought the hearts were very fitting for such a loving day and marriage that we have and also love the idea behind the fact that our beautiful children, who are a product of our loving marriage stamped these with their own little hands. I might just leave it up year around!

 Have you ever made potato stamps? This was our first time, too. It was so easy to do and such a neat idea. I pressed a heart shaped cookie cutter down into the potato and then using a paring knife I cut around the potato until the knife hit the cookie cutter. Pull the cookie cutter out of the potato, slice it flat across the top and you are left with a heart! This idea came from Homemade Serenity. We just stamped it on burlap instead of paper.

Have a quiet evening, friends!


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  1. They turned out so cute! And I love the 'random' stitches! So precious! I'll have to try the potato stamping- your burlap stamped banner turned out beautiful!