Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning Here We Go

Here we go! It was cleaning time at my house and it went pretty good. I didn't get to something everyday like I dreamed of but I did get a few things done. I didn't get the picture frames hung that I painted for my kids art work (see below!) but at least I finally got them painted and got the fabric in them! I pass the blame on these brand new little tooties.... I'm in love with these brand new little tooties!

Wednesday, April 4th
Today I worked on the kitchen. Cabinets got vacuumed out (how do crumbs get behind closed doors anyways?) organized the mounds of stuff in them and boxed up anything that we don't need anymore to donate. If feels good to have that all taken care of and be (mostly) crumb free... hey, I have 5 kids, crumbs, I have to remind myself (all. of. the. time) are a fact of life for us!
All of the JUNK in the cabinet!

All cleaned up and put away where it belongs!

Thursday, April 5th
Today I tackled (some) of my kids art work that piles up. I love that they love to draw and be creative and I keep the really special stuff but what to do with the dozens of other daily drawings? It breaks my heart to just toss them without displaying them first so I decided to hang a random assortment of picture frames on an empty wall, lined with fabric, rustic rope and clothes pins so I can display the best of the best and easily change them out. I saw this idea on the web and then later saw it put into action here. I didn't plan on my frames being distressed but after sanding smooth some paint drips (oops!) down to the original frame color and not having enough paint to fix it, I went with it and LOVE it!
Frame Project: In the Making!

Friday, April 6th
Today the bathroom cabinet got cleaned out and straightened up. There actually wasn't that much to toss (to my surprise) but bottles of this and that needed to be lined up pretty.
 Tuesday, April 11, 2012
I wish I can take credit for cleaning our closet but can't... my sweet hubby worked on it last night. We still need to box up our kids out grown clothes that are in laundry baskets on the floor in there and refold some blankets but it is looking much better already!
Looking much better in here- but still needs more work!

 I still have the laundry room/pantry on my list- their just wasn't the time or energy but I will get to it (maybe today!) It is looking pretty cluttered though. When I walk in there to do laundry or get food out I feel like the walls are closing in on me. Take a look:

Overall, it feels pretty good to have accomplished what I did get done!




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  1. ok you were like a crazy mad-woman organizer!! that's awesome! i love it!! i will link your post for you...and the button? the one on my sidebar works. ugh! technology!! ;) thanks for linking!