Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday was my 29th birthday. It was a good day full of normal fun during the day and then a fun trip to Ikea for a little grub for the kids and shopping in the evening. You see, on Tuesday's at Ikea, kids eat free. We have 5 kiddos, 4 of which eat real food so a free dinner for all of the? For a larger family, that is huge! Our kids love to eat out and go places so this is an easy way to do it on a weekly basis. For me, I love that I don't have to clean up the kitchen, table and do dishes that one night a week! Win win situation if you ask me.
Sorry for the DARK Picture (banner recycled rom my daughters party!)

Ok, so back to my birthday! When I realized my birthday was on a Tuesday, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Ikea to feed the kids (remember, no messy kitchen and table for me to clean up on my birthday!), a little shopping afterwards (what girl doesn't love shopping...and on her birthday!) and then on the way home, I knew we'd pass my favorite mexican food restaurant, Chuy's for a little take-out for me and my sweet husband....after the kids are in bed! Win, Win, Win situation, now! Oh Happy Birthday to ME!

Earlier in the week I got a strong urge to do a little birthday decorating. I know, it was my birthday so someone else should have done it but I had a vision and an urge and knew it would give me a little fun craft time all at the same time. Eleven days prior was our oldest daughter's birthday. She wanted a princess party so I tried my hand at some pink and silver tissue balls that I had been seeing all over the internet. They turned out so pretty and are now hanging over her bed. So fun! Then I came across some tissue balls on pinterest with a more vintage/rustic feel to them. So, that was what I wanted to do for my big 29th birthday. I didn't want to spend any money on supplies so I used only things I had on hand. Any time I order anything from Aveda I save tissue paper to reuse as needed. They wrap everything in ivory tissue paper- perfect for my tissue balls! I also had some brown packing paper that I had saved from some other order (can't even remember now!) that I used for more tissue balls in a second color. Perfect.

As for the table runner, I borrowed an idea from pinterest- old dictionary pages = new table runner! YAH! I haphazardly taped them together across the table. I decided that with a 1 year old, I probably shouldn't have any over hang. I could just picture the whole thing, including jars of flowers, being yanked off the table.

On to the flowers... they were left over from Mother's Day. I tossed the ones that had died and gave new life to the others. And the jars? They were the jars I bought last year to make pickles in- YUM!

I love how I didn't spend even a dime on any of the decorations for my birthday. I had fun decorating and got to get my craft on all at the same time!


P.S. As for Ikea shopping? My sweetie got me a huge sisal rug that I have had my eye on for a very long time along with creamy white curtains for our living room. Also, he got me a Kindle Fire, too! I'm one lucky 29 year old!


  1. oh, i think i've been dying for the rug you got!! it's like a jute rug --the big one for $150? i need that! oh, i'm so happy for you! and new curtains too? i wonder if our ikea feed kids for free on tuesdays? i'll have to check that out!! we have one just about 15 minutes away--thanks for the tip!

    1. The largest size the jute rug came in cost $99 and the largest size the sisal rug came in cost $129... I thought I wanted the jute until I saw the sisal came in an even bigger size :) Both are very beautiful! I'm not sure if all Ikea's have the free food for kids on Tuesdays but check it out and see! It is fun for the kids and who doesn't like feeding them for free! Our Ikea is about 15 minutes away, too!

  2. oh wow!
    i'm pretty positive we would get along splendidly!
    your birthday sounds DREAMY!!!
    i LOVE ikea, and mexican, and free food, and not having to clean up the kitchen!!! :)
    oh! and crafting, and book pages and pom poms, and flowers! :)
    i love all of this!
    i home school my four kiddos, too.
    yup. we'd get along well!
    and happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks so much! It was a dreamy birthday!And wow, it does sound like we have a lot in common!!

  3. happy birthday!! i think i have that sisal rug you're talking about :) what a great bday gift! thanks for linking up!